Remote work on HBR

Harvard Business Review had a great article on leadership ina virtual age. Leading and managing others can present some unique challenges. Check out quote:

“Last week, during a coaching call, a senior director lamented, “I’m stalled because I don’t know how to connect with my manager on the less formal stuff — the way I used to.” He’s not alone. Manager distancing is frustrating employees and stalling work.”

They go on to list six techniques to make work better remotely for those with direct reports.

My favorite is the first one: Bridge distance through frequent connections.

“Instead of simply asking his direct reports to get in touch with him as needed, Yuval proactively manages the frequency of connection. This way, he always has a finger on the pulse of his team, especially those directs hesitant to reach out and add more to their boss’s plate during a crisis.”

I’ll let you find the other five tips here – well worth your read.

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