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Google Jamboard – This one is like $5k if you buy the device ( haven’t done that quite yet), but it looks great and I do use the free app 🙂

Mentimeter – one of my favs . If you want to gamify your training, this is the way to do it. So much fun.

Kahoot – More gamification of training. Haven’t personally used this one but it looks great.

Mural This is a vital tool. Think Visio (where the HECK did that app go?) but even better.

Miro – This is in the same category of mural, and a bit broader in its templates and applications.


Mark Kilby – This wonderful dude has been on this remote thing forever. I’m glad to say I’ve met him (and Johanna) and fully endorse their blog, book, and basically everything.

If you’re new to remote work, and want to be challenged with a tonne of great ideas, this is your new jam.