Agile 2019

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Thank you all who came to my talk today! I’m delighted to say that as part of the raffle I received over 50 ideas for remote coaching. As promised, here’s the list!

  1. Katrina T. – Interactive retros – example Playdoh – “build an image that describes the last sprint
  2. Ellen D. – try to learn their language
  3. Rebecca Wirfs-Brock | Agile Alliance – Show and tell in remote training ( share other students work and discuss)
  4. Shalini – Collins Aerospace – Stop multitasking and focus on one task at a time – add commit time to review other people’s work
  5. Gisela M. – Measure happiness with the decisions they make at the beginning
  6. Leslie k. – Bring the team together 1-2 times during the engagement
  7. Carlina A – we use IdeaBoardz for backlog retrospectives for remote teams
  8. Carlina A – We celebrate holidays with remote teams and share pictures
  9. Melinda S. – Virtual Happy hour
  10. Jim C. – Train onsite coaches and use them as co-coaches we call them Agile Champions
  11. Carlina – We made each person share personal things for retro to get to know each other
  12. Leslie K. – Remote ice breaker games
  13. Leslie K. Encourage video chats rather than voice
  14. Gabriela V. – Have standup followed by core hours (15 min then 45)
  15. Gabriela V. – Even in training always stop and create polls or different engagements
  16. Gabriela V – Slack Channel – Different topics one for sharing things outside of work and one for knowledge sharing
  17. Rebecca Wirfs-Brock – Review and start clear agenda before starting
  18. <> – Investing Having remote teams together for 1 week. Ether at the start of the projector once a year for the ongoing team.
  19. SEB -Short segments, six trumps (Bowman), self-paced, individual and collaborative (this is from Training from the back of the room).
  20. Dwight K – When you are on-site in-person spend as much time as needed to develop relationships and trust with individuals. #1 priority.
  21. Sim – using video conferencing
  22. David K – tabletop board game simulators can be used to recreate some in-person exercises.
  23. David K – I have had some success with web cames over physical boards.
  24. Gabriella – Take pictures of everyone smiling on a video call and send it on the slack channel
  25. Elizabeth M – Small group experiments and present learnings back to the rest
  26. Bill Wake – remote mob session – make sure tools ready before you begin
  27. <> – first 15 min for “Pets and babies” – this is the idea to show family members, either human or otherwise, at the first fifteen minutes of a meeting. Love this one!
  28. Melinda S – Always use cameras for all meetings

Here’s the posts from the three days I was there. I love this conference!