Agile 2019 – Day 1

Great first day to Agile 2019. I thought the keynote was good, though I wasn’t familiar with the speaker, Chris Bailey. He’s got a book called Hyper Focus, which looks interesting.

Went to a Beyond Agile variant called BOSSA nova. It’s Beyond budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy, and Agile. It’s a very interesting model that I’ll look into for sure. It was a bit too much to fit into an hour, and I found myself a bit lost. There’s a book here, so more research is needed. Love the idea.

Circles and Soup were mentioned at Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby’s talk today this afternoon’s great talk on Agile principles that work remotely or colocated. Here’s a link:

Part of my focus is remote coaching due to my current client, and you’ll see that throughout my session selections. Mark and I spoke a few times during this day and on day 4 (when I’m updating this). He has this wonderful take on teams and tools and time that I’ll be writing about. But the overall tone from him and others in this remote space are that it’s here to say and we might as well get good at it. Here’s Mark’s book on the topic.

I tried to get to the Mike Cottmeyer speech on Organizational Transformation but it filled up FAST, showing significant demand, so I flipped over to a session on Kanban Cadences. I’m always trying to brush up on Kanban stuff because I think it’s evolving pretty fast, but also really quiet, unlike other hyped methods. 🙂 I liked the two techniques, Operations Reviews, and the Risk Reviews, two of the most powerful Kanban Cadences according to the presenters, and I intend on reviewing the processes for future use.

Overall the vibe of day one was as positive as I remembered from years ago. The conference seemed organized and professional than before, but that chaos could have been my emotional state when I attended last. 🙂

I spent a bit of time at the evening ice breaker and will upload pictures later. My biggest takeaway from the hall was that BP and Lockheed-Martin were there! I think it’s great to see “client companies”.

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